Microchipping your pet is a great way to ensure they stay by your side for years to come. We highly recommend it for any new puppies or kittens, or any adult pet that hasn’t been microchipped before. In the event that your pet goes missing, people will now have a permanent way to identify them. This can be especially useful if your pet doesn’t normally wear a collar or if they slip out of it on a fence or a tree.

The best part is that it’s easy to go online and change the information linked to the microchip if you move or change phone numbers. That way, if you’ve forgotten to get a new set of ID tags at the pet store, your pet will still make his way back home to you.

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Simple & Fast Process

The process is simple, fast, and minimally invasive for your pet. Similar to administering a vaccination, we use a slightly larger needle to place a little chip the size of a grain of rice just under the skin at the scruff of the neck. Your pet can go right back to their regular lives afterward, too.

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