Chronic Pain Management

At Shirley Veterinary Hospital, we take your pet’s chronic pain seriously. We know that your pets are precious to you, and we want to ensure that they’re living their happiest and most comfortable lives by your side. Pain relief can have profound effects on our pets’ attitude and activity at home and beyond.

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Health Conditions

There are a number of health conditions that may lead to chronic pain in animals. Osteoarthritis and joint-related issues are common in older pets, while younger animals may suffer long-term effects from an accident or genetic disorder. The first step in developing a pain management plan for your pet involves identifying the cause or causes through physical assessments and diagnostic testing. Once we’ve identified the condition, we can begin an effective treatment plan that’s tailored to your pet’s individual needs.

We often suggest using a combination of both medication-based and physical therapy-based treatments when addressing chronic pain. This allows us to holistically approach the problem and maximize the effectiveness of pain management.

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Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

In addition to pain management, Shirley Veterinary Hospital also offers physical therapy and rehabilitation at our Healing Hands 4 Paws rehabilitation facility. From hydrotherapy to laser therapies and beyond, we offer the widest range of treatment options available. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or to schedule an appointment today. We want to help your pet live life to the fullest by your side.

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