In addition to our veterinary services, Shirley Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer convenient and affordable cat and dog boarding. Whether you’re going on vacation, need us to watch your pet for the day, or your animal needs to stay for medical boarding, we are happy to accommodate them. There are many benefits to boarding your pet at a veterinary clinic. If your they experience any health problems, our staff are available to take care of their needs.

To make ensure the safety of all boarded animals, up-to-date vaccinations and negative tests are required.

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Dog Requirements for Boarding or Day Care

  • Current Rabies vaccination
  • Current Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination (usually every 6 months) as well as current Distemper & Parvovirus vaccinations
  • Negative intestinal parasite screen & heartworm test

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Cat Requirements for Boarding or Day Care

  • Current Rabies vaccination
  • Current Feline Leukemia vaccination
  • Current FVRCP vaccination
  • We also recommend a negative FeLV/FIV/heartworm test and intestinal parasite screen prior to boarding, but they are not required at this time

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Benefits of Boarding

  • Outdoor Time and Play: Our kennel staff and veterinary assistants work hard to make sure dogs have plenty of time outdoors to play (weather permitting).
  • Consistent Meal Times: We make sure all pets are fed just like they are at home — especially those with special or prescription diets!
    * This can be your pet’s regular food – provided when you drop them off for boarding.
    * We also have our own kennel food – provided for cats and dogs twice daily unless otherwise directed.
  • Medication Administration: Medications are administered based on the pet’s medication schedule and other needs.
  • Weekend Care: On weekends and holidays, we have special technicians here to provide your pets with the care they need.

Please note, our staff do not stay overnight. Our business is monitored by CCTV and security services and pets are never left alone for more than 8 hours overnight.