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Shirley Veterinary Hospital Medical Team

Dedicated to providing your pets with the best possible care, our medical team is comprised of caring and compassionate staff, well educated in the needs of dogs and cats in our area. Our doctors are focused on ensuring the best possible treatment options and medications for your pet and their needs. Our management team keeps our hospital running smoothly so your and your pet have an excellent experience. Technician, Assistants, and Receptionist are all trained to help you, your pet, and our doctors during each step of your visit here. Thank you for choosing Shirley Veterinary Hospital to serve you and your pets needs, we look forward to seeing you soon! For more information about our staff members, you can view them below! 


 Dr. Dexter Archer: 

 Dexter Archer, V.M.D. the practice owner of Shirley Veterinary Hospital, graduated  with honors  from the University of Penn in 1997. He spent the first 3 post-graduate years at a specialty  animal hospital. While there, Dr. Archer worked alongside various Board Certified Specialists in  different  fields of veterinary medicine, including Surgery, Oncology, and Internal Medicine. He  then  became the  Medical Director for a small animal hospital in Oakdale, NY. After a year in  this position,  he decided to  purchase his first animal hospital, which was located in Riverhead,  NY. Dr. Archer  successfully practiced  there for over six years, building lifelong,  compassionate relationships with  his clientele. A large portion  of these patients followed Dr.      Archer when he purchased Shirley  Veterinary Hospital, his second animal  hospital, in February  2007. Dr. Archer has expanded his role as  General Practitioner to include special  interests in    Internal Medicine, Ophthalmology, and physical  therapy. His hobbies include fishing,  boating, and various  outdoor activities. Dr. Archer attends 3 to 4  continuing education  seminars per year  and is dedicated to  excellence in veterinary medicine. 


Dr. Edwards
:  Dr. Edwards joined our practice in May of 2015, since then, he has been an amazing asset to our team and our clients enjoy his great sense of humor, compassion, and dedication to excellent medicine.  We are blessed to have him as a part of our team and we know he looks forward to working with you!





Virginia Carpenter

Mrs. Carpenter has been the Hospital Manager for Dr. Archer during the last 5 years. Her years of nursing and supervisory positions have added an impressive level of experience to our practice. Mrs. Carpenter's responsibilities are wide in range, including handling personnel, vendors, and inventory control. She also deals directly, and quickly, with client and patient concerns. She exhibits an incredible degree of flexibility and compassion in her handling of both employees and clientele. Mrs. Carpenter is always seeking to expand her knowledge in practice management by attending                                                                                                                                                                          conferences and researching in veterinary literature. 

Joanne Barthel
:  Be prepared for excellent care…  Joanne is one of Shirley Veterinary Hospitals receptionists and one of our client’s favorite people. There is a good chance you’ll find her doing twelve different things as once trying to be wonder woman for everyone.  She commits herself to helping you and your pets.











Desiree Davis
:  Are you having a bad day?  Not anymore!  Desiree will literally turn any frown upside down. She is a ray of sunshine and always happy to see you and help however she can.  She and Joanne team up the front as an unstoppable force to provide the best possible care for you and your pets.






    Nicole Tilotta
: Ms. Tilotta has over 16 years of working in the Equine Field. She         holds Certification in Equine Massage Therapy and has brought a broad                   spectrum of veterinary experience to our practice. Ms. Tilotta added companion     animal care to her knowledge 10 years ago and has worked in adoption shelters     and veterinary hospitals as a veterinary assistant, receptionist, kennel assistant,     and groomer. She is utilizing her abilities throughout the hospital to ensure our clients are well taken care of.









Robin Goldberg
:  Robin, one of our veterinary assistants, is organized and extremely sweet!  She makes sure everyone is taken care of and your pets feel like this is their home away from home.  Be prepared though your pet may not want to go home if they have to stay with us, Robin can often be found making the extra time to give your pets a little extra TLC.  Your pet is always in great hands with Robin.







   Trish McCulloch
:  Ms.McCulloch has been at our facility for nearly 15 years. As        one of our senior veterinary assistants, she has developed relationships with our    clients and  been an asset to us for many years.  We are blessed to have such an    upbeat employee  and equally blessed to have her loved by our clients.                    Ms.McCulloch  patience and  understanding set her apart in this world.  Her            compassionate care makes her a patient  favorite. She often participates as an        active health care team member in a patient's  entire lifespan, with a particular      affinity for our Senior patients. Ms. McCulloch  specializes in Dental care and            handles the majority of our patients' routine dental management.








(631) 281-8820



1010 Montauk Highway, Shirley, NY  11967


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